Money spent updating your kitchen rewards you better than money spent on any other upgrades to your home. When it comes to kitchens, buyers continue to demand improvement in efficiency and style, and they love remodeled kitchens and new appliances. However, there are many ways to prepare your home for sale without spending all your profits.

Even if your home costs less than the newer homes in your area, buyers view new model homes and hold the ideal in mind while home shopping.

Many newer homes place kitchens open to the family room and often have wide views of the outside. Newer homes also boast larger kitchens with more than one preparation area because cooking has become a social activity, and new homes often include a bar or buffet for entertaining. Cooks want to be in the middle of family activities so they can enjoy companionship.

Buyers look for a kitchen with large open areas that allow guests enough room to mingle, along with workspace for kids doing homework or even a small kitchen workspace for paying bills or making phone calls.

Present your kitchen as an organized, clutter-free, versatile space that will help your buyers feel they could be productive and happy working and interacting in the heart of their new home.

You don’t need to completely makeover your kitchen to sell your home. Packing and storing extra kitchen pots, pans, and utensils generates a more spacious presentation. Clear your counters of the everyday clutter. You may also wish to invest in an attractive portable kitchen island to use as a prop for a kitchen with an open center and insufficient counter space.

Consider easy, low-cost changes that instantly upgrade a kitchen without major remodeling. These include the following ideas:

  1. Replace your faucet with a fancier model.
  2. Change your cabinet hardware.
  3. Paint cabinet faces.
  4. Replace or add backsplash.
  5. Replace or paint ugly laminate countertops. (Use Marine-grade paint.)
  6. Add warmth during cold seasons with a gorgeous rug next to the sink counter.

No matter your makeover budget, prepare your home for sale with little changes like clearing the counter tops and adding new dish towels and a bowl of fruit or flowers can make your kitchen entice a buyer to say, “This is my new home.”

Let Real Living help answer any of your questions about remodeling your home. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen now, but not planning on selling right away, I can help point you in the right direction so that your remodel will serve you well when looking to sell. At Real Living we hope to be your neighborhood resource for anything real estate related. Please feel free to reach out for a consultation or even a simple question.


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